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This is for Saying Yes
April 15, 2009, 1:50 am
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What else is there to say to this, other than I feel completely inspired and full when I listen to this. I want to embody this very poem because this poem embodies so much of how I feel and what I believe in. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it rejuvinates your day, or night, or week, or year. I hope you find hope in it.


In the Name of Love

Today, as I sat next to my parents, on our living room couch, eyes peering up at the television, we listened to Singers, Actors, and prominent American Figures, including the president-elect himself, on the “We Are One, Inauguration Concert.”

To be very honest, I voted for Ralph Nader, mainly because I do not believe in a two party political system, and Ralph’s policies were much more sound to me than Obama’s. But one thing I always knew was that this man inspired hope and change in the people who mattered most- you and I. President-elect Obama is always reminding us, even today, that we must get involved and stay active, keeping him informed of what we, the American people think, what we want to see as ‘the change.’

My eyes filled with tears on many occasions as I saw, these artists come together in a manifestation of what we want to see on a larger level, on a local level, ingrained in our every day selves. It is Love. While it was in the limelight, yes, and the world always shows it’s harsher edges after the glamor has faded, it was still something truly remarkable. And let me say this, it is beauty that never fades, it only changes.

I think the moment that caught me off guard, other than when Stevie Wonder came on stage and I jumped up screaming and dancing, was when Bono from U2 sang to the President. He sang his famous song, written in 1984 for Martin Luther King Jr, Pride. As the song neared it’s close he said these words.

“This is not just an American dream, but also an Irish dream, a European dream, an African dream … an Israeli dream and a Palestinian dream,” Bono said in the middle of U2’s performance of their 1984 hit “Pride (In the Name of Love).”

This was beauty. For so long, the issue of Israel and Palestine has been taboo, especially when any positive light is shown on the Palestinians. And, especially when the issue is in congress. It is time to stand up for justice, of our people at home who live in poverty and in the face of racism, and in the middle-east, where we have financed 1000 times over ongoing massacres in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories.

Tears streamed down my face as I heard, what Bono had said, and I looked over at my parents, my Lebanese mother and my European father; they too were crying. These two people who created six mixed babies, all of us trying to make this world more just, peaceful, and sustainable. I owe everything to them, and I owe everything to all of you.

2+2=4, Violence in Gaza= War Crimes

On the 22nd day of unabated violence in Gaza, with 1,203 people dead- including 360 Children, and 5,320 people injured of which are 46% Women and Children, Israel has said “The aims of our operation have been met.” Is that the sound of a ceasefire? Even after, Israel turned down Hamas’ deal on a Palestinian state of the 1967 borders, the deal that Israel said was the Palestinian people’s golden opportunity?

And, what were your aims Ehud Olmert? I’m confused because what happened over the last three weeks was not a nation protecting itself, but rather a government perpetrating fear within it’s borders, and the borders of a territory occupied and oppressed.

Frankly, I’m done with this, I am done hearing about the atrocities that you are committing, righteously, as if you were “entitled.” Entitled to violence, as if it were owed to you because of what your people have seen, and gone through. Let me say this, no one is entitled to violence, the history of people throughout this world is bloodied and conquered. When will it end?

Would the American government be so forgiving if African Americans rose up, took over New York or California, due to help from the European Union, and started perpetrating violence in the same ways that Israel does? While, the EU continued to funnel roughly 10 million dollars each day, even increasing funds while civilians were being slaughtered, as the US did a couple weeks ago. For some reason, I don’t think so. The institutions that are supposed to protect us, have been killing young black men for years. Look at the most recent cases of Oscar Grant and Adolph Grimes.

This is war crimes. In the “Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), 8 June 1977” under Article 51, the protection of civilians Israel has committed War Crimes. According to Point 4 – the definition of Indiscriminate Attacks, section (c), Continue reading

Way Way Way Way Tight
August 28, 2008, 3:02 am
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This is an Ani Song that I never heard until now but absolutely love!

Check it out

August 22, 2008, 6:12 am
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It’s interesting how life takes us on journeys our hearts don’t really even realize what we’re getting ourselves into. And here I am, months later, years older, heart fuller. I left Beirut, like I left this blog, in the middle of the night as a runaway in the dark. It was almost as if I had left a note on her bed as a way to say goodbye because there is no good way to really say goodbye. So farewell Beirut, I said as I walked her streets for the last time. My Beirut, Lady of the World (Ya Beirut Ya Sit a Dunia), I miss you, I miss you already. I climbed into the car and as we pulled out onto the highway, the wind filled my hair with life. I looked at my hands, these hands that held hands here, compiled thoughts into journal entries, provided comfort, ate soul nourishing food, held faces, babies, and flowers. These hands that seemed not apart of myself, felt new with memories that didn’t belong to me or had only seemed a wonderful dream. A dream in which I was able to walk the streets my tata last walked sixty years ago as a little girl. I’ve slept in beds that my tata’s sister sang her kids to sleep in. For once in my life, I was living with people who looked like me, had similar crazy families, and was able to hear arabic everywhere I turned.

And then I had to leave. For what? Why leave this home that as I stepped onto it’s streets I had this visceral reaction run from my stomach to the rest of my body? Why leave loves for so many people, so much family, and so much belonging?

Because my work here, my life in this country, the US is calling me, no matter how much I’d like to say otherwise. My approach is different this time; no more 12 hour work days, and crazy long conference calls. My desire to live every day as an example of what future I want to create is overriding every other tool or means to an end.

In order to do that, I’ve enrolled in Gaia University, which is sort of like a low residency program, working on projects with the help of advisers; this also gives my restless self the ability to travel around.  I step out on my own again, to re-remember who I am and who I am becoming. I search for the divine within myself to guide my steps.  I surround myself with this earth’s beauty, with her children, and her love.

Come Join me.