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We Elected a President
June 26, 2008, 12:30 am
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Written A Month Ago:

So I’m sitting on Nadim’s new balcony in his parents new home in Hamra, vegging out watching football, drinking and eating. Although we’re not watching American football we’re watching the Euro Cup and we’re not eating hot dogs or hamburgers we’re eating Sfi7a, a well-known Ba3lbecki dish, made with goat meat, spices and wrapped in dough, and of course traditionally we’re drinking shai or tea. There’s still lot’s of yelling at the TV and prophetic speeches of who will win it all and who will not, “Hands down, it’s Spain Khulus!”

Life you could say is back to normal, or rather beyond normal; it is as if the past seventeen months were just a bad dream. Now Lebanon has a president, and downtown, which has been closed about just as long as there was a lack of president, has re-opened. This city, which always feels alive, seems to have awoken with deep breaths of fresh air. Not that Libnan’s air quality could use some improvement. I was in the mountains the day Michele Sleiman was elected president, flipping through the TV waiting for my Aunt Edna to arrive, when I passed through the election, parliament reading little slips of paper, “Michele Sleiman.” “Michele Sleiman.” Michele Sleiman….the voice was on repeat over and over. I passed by it seeing as it would be a redundant experience. Ten minutes later, I heard gunshots and RPG (rocket propelled grenades), and knew that celebrations had begun, for our new official president. The rest of the day passed quickly and the next thing I knew my cousin Joe was driving me back to Hamra.

Lebanese flags enwrapped Lebanon, as if we all realized Lebanon was naked and that meant she needed to be clothed. I concretely believe that there were more Lebanese flags after the election of a president, than there were American flags after 9/11- that is not an exaggeration. Michele Sleiman’s face lined the streets, the way he was celebrated you’d believe he solved all of our problems already. But rather, instead his position now filled, represents hope; hope that maybe Lebanon will know stability.

So we Lebanese aren’t that different from the rest of the world, our food may be a bit different, our traditions seeped in it’s own history, but hey we all love football and the future looks so bleak that we hang on to anything that looks like hope.

That sounds pessimistic, but rather I feel I’m optimistic. We may not be able to find hope in the recent elections or the upcoming ones, but we have more solid reminders around us everyday, they are the faces of our loved ones, the ground beneath our feet, the nature of this earth- even if she is not readily around us. We are the hope for the future; we just need to realize that even in bleak political situations, it is the ability to spread our positive light around us, that keeps people unified and whole.


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