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Lebanese Army Trying to Restore Calm
May 11, 2008, 10:35 am
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The Lebanese Army announced that it would look into the telecommunications issue, that was one of the sparks for the last few days of violence.  They also said that Brigadier General Wafiq Shqeir, the head of airport security and thought to be linked with Hezbollah will remain at his post until “approriate procedural methods” are taken. 

The head of the Lebanese Army was the consensus comprimise candidate for the Lebanese Presidency, and as he steps up into leadership things are seemingly positive.  Hezbollah has decided to withdraw from Beirut and “welcomes the army’s decision.”  

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This sounds…good, I think? As good as the military taking control could ever sound. Hm.

Comment by erinamelia

Dear Shadia,

Sorry I have not replied or read your posts until now. I was just about to dedicate a song to my daughters “baby of mine” written in early 1800’s. I have been praying for you and our family in Lebanon. I hear you and those rose colored glasses should not be put away. Everyone has the right to exist, have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and have equal rights. This is what will create peace and less wars. Getting there as you know is the hard part. All good things take time and lots and lots of effort. We all do our part to make it happen through experience, and sharing truth and knowledge. Keep up the good work and thank God you have your loan! We love you very much and stay safe.

p.s. I dug my hands into the wonderful dark dirt yesterday for the first time this season. The same dirt Sitti Sofie and Sitti Barbara’s hands have touched. Paul and I planted roses, flowers, and herbs. Later on this month we will be planting vegetables.

Comment by Judith Mokhiber

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