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You Are My Heart In This
May 10, 2008, 5:33 pm
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Firstly I want to thank all the people that have responded to my emails and posts.  I want to thank those staying tuned to what is happening in Lebanon and the intentional energy folks have put out into the world for Lebanon’s well being. 


I guess I’m just a little disappointed is all.  Two summers ago when I sent out updates on my brothers well being during Israel’s war on Lebanon, my inbox was flooded with responses, beautiful words to support me through the hard times I was facing.  I wasn’t even the one in the midst of it all.  So two years have passed, and I’m the one in the chaos and the barrage of gunshots and where have my friends gone? 


I asked Radney if he had received many responses heart-felt and otherwise when he sent out updates two years ago.  His reply was similar to mine now- a few here and there.  Maybe it’s having to directly deal with the person in conflict that’s intimidating and surreal because if you had to really think about the turmoil that is ahead of them it’d be too much.  I’m not sure.  I’m not blaming because people absolutely need to be present with their own lives to make it as beautiful and intentional as possible, to carry all the weights that we do.   


But, please send your love not just to me but to this little divided country.  Let’s envision unity and love inside of Lebanon.  Take five minutes to meditate on it.  Sending you all love, Sending you all hope.  You are my heart in this. 




                   you are my heart in this


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Hi Shadia,

My name is Dan Worth and I’m one of the folks that helped start Energy Action – and I’ve got you as a Facebook friend.

I have been following your posts with great interest. I just finished a book about the history of the US in the Middle East – from the East India Company, to the Barbary Wars, to Egyptian cotton, to Middle East oil, to Israel, etc., etc.

What struck me about the book – although I may be reading it through Red, White, and Blue lenses – was the work of the original US missionaries, who hoped to live with the diverse communities of the Middle East, learn about the culture, make lifelong soulmate links, and share what they knew/adapt it to what was already there.

It seems this international spirit has been lost to most Americans – turning into a black/white assessment of blood for oil, western/eastern thought, christianity/judaism/muslim schisms, etc.

Reading your posts has been an amazing window into what life must be like on the ground – checkpoints, gunshots, and a whole city and country of people trying to live amidst the madness.

Here where I live in Jamaica Plain, MA (near Boston), we recently had a shooting incident. One teenager recklessly shooting at a basketball court 2 blocks away and killing a local resident of 20 with 2 kids. The shooting shook the neighborhood, because it is just on the right side of the tracks (literally), and “those type of things” don’t usually happen here.

Reading your posts of going to sleep with relentless gunshots was a real wake-up call and a reminder of the fear, anger, and confusion of a local population that often gets lost in the nightly news sound bites.

So, stay strong, know that folks are listening over here, and that your insights open up a new window into a different world over there for me, and I’m sure many others.

And maybe by helping people like me glimpse that world, understand it a bit better, and think about how it came to be and how it could be, you are sending ripples out around the world that will cause other ripples, until thousands and millions are touched and moved to find solutions.

Stay safe, please keep the updates coming, and thank you for what you are doing.

Dan W

Comment by Dan Worth


This is a voice of the past…. to say the least…

I’ve come to consider you an estranged relative of sorts, the type that if they showed on your door step one night you would welcome them unbegrudgling, not asking them why there here or how long they will stay, instead letting them reveal as they desire.

I have no idea with that you must face, day to day, night to night. What hardships that surround and confound those within Lebanon. Regretably even my heart turns dark at the thought of Israel even in casual mention by friends here… I cannot begin to understand how bitter the youth there are, even being familiar with hate – knowing the strength and heart born wickedness that word implies.

The caustic grip of war… I cannot relate to you for I have not witnessed, have not smelt it’s acrid and pestilent odors, haven’t heard the echoes of excrutiating and life leeching resonance… otherwise how could I be so pseudo poetic daring mention it. I do however understand the pain concerning the loss of love… the holistic the deep and thrumming connection which binds entines even in ways we can’t divine… or to even believe I am on the brink of losing all of it forever.

I regard you as a creature of surreal grace, as well as friend perhaps even a sister of sorts with an acumen for wordplay, and an understanding that far out weighs mine…

It’s likely you shan’t respond, I would ever be poignant even to underscore that fact with a recommendation not to…

I will remain as I should remain for you, standing quietly in the rear for the moment when you request a thought or word to hear an action to bear…

If there is anything I may do for you at an point say the word,

with kindess, and the loyalty of friendship

Comment by Mason McMahon

Beloved Daughter – I visit your blog frequently as this is the place I get to see your face and hear of updates from your heart, my heart. I know that you are capable and trust you implicitly – and yet, I too hear the guns and sleep is restless. When the sun rises and with it my consciousness my immediate thought is where is Shadia – and I reach for the phone, sometimes – it rings an eternity, sometimes right after it proclaims it is busy – and then it might have a recording with sweet serene music with a sweet serene woman’s voice speaking to me in my mother’s language that I can only assume indicates that the lines are not working. This sweet serene voice is harder for me that the busy signal or the endless ringing. So my beauty, know that the distance is an illusion and I sit with you – we share a cup of tea, some laughs, some tears and I snuggle beside you (move over nadim).

I will visit you here again.
Ana Hebic Ecteed – Immi

Comment by Immi

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