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Regaining Life
May 8, 2008, 1:24 pm
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We all have our own rituals; some of it includes a night out at a specific place, with our specific friends, with our specific orders.  Or a night in with some dvd’s and our specific food that means something of home.  Or maybe it’s something to do with family eating and drinking- I mean all of those things have significance to me.  I’m someone that likes a bit of routine to keep me in line and productive paired with the impulsive side of life that keeps everything in homeostasis. 


But is that enough to make us feel whole? We are always looking for something outside of us that will somehow grant this feeling, like getting into that university or program, a certain person, a certain standard of living, comforts.  These externalities are yes apart of our lives but I can’t help but think that there has to be a better way, a more enriching world that could help us thrive. 


It’s not enough anymore to just fall into a life, or even actively work on positive social change issues. The problems that we face in this world are much greater than just racism, climate change, depleting resources, poverty, etc.  It is the culture that has permeated the entire world that not only allows these things to exist but is built upon the division and destruction of people and the annihilation of the earth.


What must we regain as many peoples that at one point were apart of a tradition and a people, even Britain at one point was made up of tribes that were defeated and divided by the Roman Empire.  In Lebanon, many people pride themselves on being able to move on with their lives during war, dancing in clubs, raising their glasses in cheers.  I cannot judge because I have no concept or personal experience with what it is to go through a war. However, it does sadden me, that we do not have something better, to cope and to stand in unity with other Lebanese who do not have that luxury to lose themselves in that way.  That same responsibility is placed on those in the US, myself included, that live side by side with disenfranchised communities, or even live in an “up and coming” community – aka gentrification- and are able to just ignore what that means.


I feel that ritual has a place in this madness, something seeped in tradition and quiet protest to the despair and ever growing wars.  In the case of the Lebanese war, what if there was an outlet to bring people together in a self expressive form.  The young and old teaching each other to over come, to clasp hands and dance, raising our arms in unity and defiance.  This may be a particular shade of rose colored glasses, but I’m ready to create something tangible people can hold on to, to persevere.


What I envision is something that is more holistic than just organizing because we are at a point where that is not an option.  We need to move from a set of values that is not based upon a political system, let alone a political system that was set up to benefit some and exploit the weaker divided majority.  We need respect and love for life as something sacred.  Furthermore we need to get back to what it is to honor womben as sacred beings with intrinsic understanding of emotion, the givers of life, someone to be revered rather than feared.  And, we need a spirituality that is rich with ritual and tradition, that actually feeds our souls, honors and gives back to the earth, and brings about a higher consciousness.



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