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Raining without Gutters
April 1, 2008, 3:59 pm
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March 31st 2008 9:45am

All the Ani songs on my ipod are best listened to when it’s raining. Good thing it’s raining. The drops smash into concrete breaking into a thousand pieces of glass; someone always ends up bloody.

In Lebanon, there are no gutters so the streets become rivers, almost reminiscent of when flooding meant life and food. Except now there are cars beeping and yelling at one another, organized chaos.

Your pants get soaked with all that is Beirut because the ground has seen it all. Not in some romantic fierce way that we attribute to walls of old buildings or a desk of someone revolutionary- something that just breaths the history into your being, but rather the it’s the ground, full of dirt, cats, trash, and sewage, memories of all the wars and all the struggles personal and political. And the makeshift river rushes it all away from our memories so that our mind  won’t think of what is to come. Although our eyes and ears take all that is around us, documenting each instance and filing it away in the depths of our minds to be forgotten and remembered later in hindsight


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