The Ever-Evolving World Through Her Eyes

Journal Entries – For Elena
April 1, 2008, 2:59 pm
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March 9th, 2008

I haven’t spoken to Elena in almost two months. I haven’t heard the sweet song of my sister’s voice. I’ve been abledsc_0024.jpg to read her words and imagine how her voice would ring out and what expression she would wear. I see Elena in my mind’s eye. I am capable of this but there’s a small lack of groundedness. The roots aren’t rotting, it’s just the ground around it feels a little too loose. But my heart feels strong in my love for her. I stay connected emotionally and intuitively, as we always shared.

March 12th, 2008

Her voice sang “happy birthday!!!!” over the telephone. The cadence and the different tones of happiness sounded like my mother. My mother I thought to myself, how wonderful! It was until she asked, “So how is your day?” that I realized the common mistake lots of people make especially when all three Shahin-Wood womben are in the same household answering all different types of phones. Basically, it was Elena and I was ecstatic. I laughed loudly, rushed to the balcony and called her name into the streets of Beirut on the night of my birth. It was as if I had been thirsty for two months, I would drink and drink but my veins were dusty crevices, her voice was a cold drink of water- not from a bottle or the tap but straight from the source.

It was as if the world was just her voice and mine, and they laid together cuddling in the sunlight. She was whom I shadia.jpgneeded to speak with, to tell her of a boy, who in the first few days together, I realized I had spent a hundred lifetimes before. It was in my sisters heart that I could confide what I wanted to shout from my balcony—that my heart loves another.


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