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Overcoming Divisions
February 4, 2008, 9:11 pm
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kissing loved ones

Let’s see, for the past two weeks, you may have found me kissing the cheeks of many different Lebanese types – mainly the loud, beautiful cousins that also feed me three meals for each one.  Or maybe at my new found favorite, the artsy Graffiti café, drinking down a café late- the kind that coats your mouth, while listening to venerable favorites or the nostalgic goodies of the early 90’s.  Or was it in the Chouf ( a mountain south of Beirut – home to the cedars and my cousins), clicking away at my camera, trying vainly to capture this essence of dramatic Lebanon.  Either way, I know you’ve seen me laughing; my cheeks hurt so much these days and my stomach aches with happiness.

Recently, in between latte’s and bouts of laughter, I’ve been soaking in Robert Fisk’s, Pity the Nation, or rather any writing I can get from him.  He’s been my favorite journalist for the past two years, with a writing style and wisdom that you rarely find these days.  It’s not just his words, it’s his experiences paired with his humanity that shapes each sentence.  Feverishly underlining, eyes scanning across the page, this page.

In a more ‘sinister’ look… we are divided.  I’ve grown and been conditioned in a divided world called the United States, where racism was supposedly taken care of in the 60’s.  What a wonderful fairytale written into the very text books at school. I grew up a biracial baby part Lebanese part European, divisions were written into the very veins of my body.  Those divisions, they weren’t easy and at every chance I fought to push them further and further away.  And yet they creep around the corners reminding me again and again this world is divided.

In a more sinister look we are dividing in the familiar and dangerous ways of thirty years ago, when the Lebanese civil war was just beginning.  And, yet as any broken system the political parties have once again manipulated till we are blind to what it really means to be a people, what it really means to be Lebanese.  All of us regardless of religion want similar if not the same things, and so similar are we- in the way we look, in the way we eat, the way we speak, the food we make, and how we force feed that food to our family 10 helpings out of love.  🙂

To me this is the saddest thing, to be divided when it is futile and fruitless.  Our needs are met when we come to one another, hear one another, forgive one another, and above all love one another.  We are all guilty; there are no clean hands.  However, we can make new hands and teach those hands to love others as their own children, as their own lover, as their own hands.

new hands


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Very beautiful sentiment. 🙂 Well done.

Comment by awalkabout

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