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En Route au Liban
January 23, 2008, 2:32 pm
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En route to Libnan, I sat at the gate in London lost in thought of what it means to be me. What my identity is. Two years ago, I was so eager to come to be with the Lebanese, to finally be Lebanese that I didn’t realize how American I was. Or rather that the culture of America has allowed me to grow into the strong, beautiful, provocative woman- political and otherwise. That was “easier” maybe to develop that in me. Or maybe my fear is that I will have to put that on hold in Lebanon? Premature ideas of what will be.

Middle -East Airlines reminds me of Libnan, people sharing seats, thoughts, and meals together. The worn down seats, reminding me of Lebanon’s worn exterior, wrinkles in around the lips from all the kisses to loved ones, from all the hard days spent in tears and despair. So old, is she and has lived her fair share of experiences pushing them in extremes in all directions. She is my family, intensely in love with one another, and intensely wounded. Wounds smoothed over in garlic, lemon, olive oil as her hospitality insists on you sharing 5 more helpings.


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whinee bintee?
i missed you call,
I have tried calling a thousand times
so I have resorted to listening to
save voice messages
just to hear you
and return to your facebook
and blog
to see you

ana hebic ecteed

Comment by immi

::hug:: Hope you like the site a bit better now.

Comment by Richard Graves

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